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Recap from Medford Comic-Con 2018 as a Vendor

Recap from Medford Comic-Con 2018 as a Vendor

April 28th and 29th, 2018 was when the 4th annual Comic-Con in Medford, Oregon took place. This was my very first time attending a comic convention. I applied as a vendor and had my own table set up with books, sketches, and prints to sell. Unfortunately, I was stuck here the entire time and not able to enjoy the rest of the con. However, I did have a positive experience and I'll touch upon some of my impressions.

The Fans

The biggest surprise to me was how devoted the attendees were when it came to their love for comics, anime, movies, and games. The majority of people came dressed as their favorite characters. Cosplay is one of the reasons people love going to conventions. I wore a modest Captain America shirt on day one, and a Superman/Clark Kent attire on day 2.

It is estimated that 20,000 people attended the comic-con. However, not every one passed by my booth as I was set up in an indoor room that was not easy or obvious to find. However, I estimate at least 1,000 people passed by and saw my art. Since I don't live in Medford, it was nice to see the positive response from people who legitimately didn't know anything about me. Pretty much everyone was impressed with what they saw and that was such a good feeling.

Superman Cosplay

The Art

Most of the work that I displayed behind me consisted of fan art. I had a few original pieces, but by far most people were excited to see characters such as Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast, Pikachu from Pokemon, and more. I love to draw from the Legend of Zelda the most, and I was not alone in my love for the series. Most of the comments I received complimented my Zelda related artwork specifically.

Actually, I did manage to sell a few prints. This was a big deal to me because prior to this year, I have not had much success selling any of my artwork. I've been drawing for years, but to know that someone is willing to pay money for my art and display it somewhere in their home is the greatest affirmation to me as an artist. Financially speaking, this was a profitable event. Whatever fees I paid for my table space were recovered and then some!

Harley Quinn Sketch

I had a small sketchbook and I spent most of my time drawing on the spot. I was selling these quick sketches for $5 each. A few people requested specific characters, most of whom from some obscure anime I have never seen before. These aren't my best drawings, but I think it was interesting for people to see me draw them in person and in quick succession. Some of these I think would look amazing if drawn again properly.

I met a lot of passionate fans, and other artists who had tables in the same room as me. I am excited to network with them and follow their amazing work. I will definitely be doing this again next year! As a matter of fact, there is another comic-con in Medford just two weeks later, on Saturday May 12th. I'll let you guys know how that one fares in comparison to this one. Wish me luck!


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