James Art Ville

I am a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. My love for art began when I was four years old drawing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. As an adult, I continue to draw heroes for both children and adults alike. From book covers to children’s books, most of my work is done from home where I can be close to my wife and four children.

The list of clients that I have worked for include the following:

  • Bryan Davis (author)
  • Batterystuff.com
  • Superpower Enterprises
  • Jason Waguespack (author)
  • GunSkins
  • Yvonne Perry (author)

My most recent project, Raising Dragons, is available now! This is a story about dragon heritage and survival. Thousands of years ago, Merlin saved the dragon race from the blood thirsty slayers by turning them into humans. Now in modern times, these long living “dragons” have married normal humans produced offspring with dragon traits. A boy learns he has dragon breath and meets a girl who was born with dragon wings. They work together to escape the clutches of a modern day slayer who want nothing more than to rid the Earth of all dragons and their half breed children.