Zero Suit Samus

illustrated by

James Art Ville


This is the first time I illustrate Zero Suit Samus in quite a few years. When writing my Blast from the Past Blog post about my Love for the Metroid Series, I felt like it was about time to draw Samus again. If you couldn't tell from my previous work, I did a lot of new things.

The lineart is completely colored, all except for the surrounding elements. For example, the hair will have a black line around the general shape, but all of the lines within the shape are colored just slightly. Doing this for every element (the skin, suit, etc) gives the image a more realistic look and less like a comic book illustration. Additionally, my use of the keyboard key commands come in handy when using the tablet. On the fly I can adjust the size and opacity of my brush strokes in real time. This makes coloring much more efficient, and gives me a greater sense of control. I will be doing this again for my upcoming pieces.

Metroid © Nintendo

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