Dragons in Our Midst

illustrated by

James Art Ville


My wife, Shiloh, introduced me to the wonderful stories written by Bryan Davis. I had the pleasure to meeting him in person as his tour stopped by our local bookstore. I really enjoyed his first book Raising Dragons from the Dragons in Our Midst series. So I decided to illustrate a fan art to give him as a gift.

To my surprise, he loved it! That was a good day, for both my wife and I. To this day, we love reading Bryan Davis' books.

Bonnie's dragon wings were tricky to draw correctly. Obviously, I didn't have any references, but I think the texture really made it come alive. I also applied a layer of jeans texture to the pants, something I don't normally do. In moderation, I feel texture gives credibility to the subject. Blue pants aren't the same as jeans. I'm sure you understand.

Raising Dragons © Bryan Davis

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