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Dragon Ball Family Portrait

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The original Dragon Ball family consists of Son Goku, his wife Chi-Chi, and his two sons, Gohan and Goten. All of them are accomplished martial artists and have saved the world on multiple occasions. This precious slice of life moment sees the family gathered on Master Roshi's island home, in front of the Kame House.

Available in multiple sizes to fit any room in your home or office. All options are printed on glossy photo paper. These are museum-quality posters with rich colors and made to last. Expect the same quality print delivered to your home as you would find in person while strolling through artist alley at comic-con. Get your geek on with these home décor wall prints or gift them to the fanboy or fangirl in your family!

• Hardware: Apple iPad 12 Pro
• Software: Clip Studio Paint EX
• Illustrated in 2020