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Octorok Talk

Octorok Talk

Everyone has that one friend growing up where even as the years can go by, when you get together again it's as if no time has passed. Not only am I fortunate enough to have such a lasting friendship, we also decided to partner together and launch a brand new podcast! We are both fans of the Legend of Zelda series so we named it "Octorok Talk" after the classic baddies who spit out rocks at the hero. Octoroks have appeared in every single Zelda game since the very first title on the NES (with the exception of Twilight Princess).

Octorok Talk is two childhood friends (now all grown up, kind of) who catch up every other Sunday to talk about the things that brought them together in the first place. Expect lots of talk about video games, Zelda, movies, comics, and much more. The hosts are myself, James Art Ville, and my buddy, Ryan Dunigan, who also spearheads another podcast called "Old Man Orange". We occasionally will feature a guest on the show, for example we had "Dragon Ball and Chain" podcast host, Chris Harvey, on for an episode to talk about Dragon Ball video games.

A Show from the Fans to the Fans

I could easily talk Zelda in every episode, but we do cover a wider range of topics that encompass almost every corner of the pop culture and fandom in general. Some of the other topics we've covered include DC Comics, Japanese anime in the West, and Star Wars. We try to keep up with the latest releases and controversies but will occasionally take a stroll down memory lane and share stories from our formative years and how our passions for geek culture have impacted our lives, for better or worse.

Octorok Talk on the Legend of Zelda

It is our goal to record and post new episodes bi-weekly. We're starting small and keeping our schedules flexible at the start. As the show gains an audience and grows in popularity, we can move to a more frequent release schedule and possibly take into consideration listener topic suggestions and collaborations. If nothing else, Octorok Talk is a great opportunity for me to catch up with an old friend and talk freely like we used to. Everything else is really just frosting on the cake.

Where to Listen

I welcome you to take a listen for yourself and follow us on Spotify on your mobile device or Podbean for online listens. Listener discretion is advised for mild language but otherwise the show itself is very chill and easy going. We mostly focus on sharing our personal experiences, theories, and reviews for the latest and greatest. We are not industry insiders or professional reviewers. Just because we are broadcasting our opinions doesn't make them any more or less legitimate than the next guy!

Octorok Talk on DC Comics

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I want to take this opportunity to invite you to leave a comment below if you have a request for a topic that you'd like us to cover. What is your favorite franchise or series? Who is your favorite character and why? Give us some topics to consider and we'll give you a shout out if we choose your suggestion!


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