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Zelda Fan Art for Linktober 2019

Zelda Fan Art for Linktober 2019

I am participating in the annual Inktober challenge again this year! The first time I completed this tradition was in 2017 by re-drawing some of my childhood artwork. This year, I'm going a different route by adhering to a Legend of Zelda themed calendar, called Linktober.

Having humble origins in 2015, Linktober began as a way to motivate artists to complete the daily drawing challenge of the standard inktober but with a new spin. Fans have spread this movement far and wide as a wonderful way to celebrate their love for the Legend of Zelda in a creative way! What may be a daunting task for some is made into a fun experience by incorporating characters and elements from one of the most popular video game series of all time.

Linktober Drawings by James Art Ville

The Linktober endeavor challenges artists to make 31 separate pieces of art, one for each day throughout the month of October. It's not always easy to set aside time for personal drawings, even for professional artists such as myself. This is not paid commission, but a passion project and as such requires a lot of self discipline and hard work.

While every artist is free to illustrate whatever their heart desires, the Linktober community has formed an official calendar for the event, updated every year. Every day contains a theme for artists to follow and interpret in their own creative way. There are even variations to the calendar, such as the Quest Calendar and the Chance Calendar.

Linktober has made its way to Instagram, YouTube, community forums, and top gaming websites. Hundreds of submissions are uploaded every day during the month of October, at least those that are appropriately tagged with the hashtag #linktober. Perhaps many more are illustrated and posted (or not) elsewhere. It's an amazing way to connect fans throughout the world and share their love for the Legend of Zelda.

Linktober Drawings by James Art Ville

I am honored to participate in Linktober this year, as both a fan of the series and as a general artist. I have been drawing Zelda-related fan art ever since I was little, but it's been refreshing using the daily prompts to draw characters I have never tried before and re-drawing old favorites in new ways. To see my Linktober drawings, visit my dedicated Pinterest Board and check back every day to see the newest entries!

Please visit the official Linktober website to learn more about this movement.I really hope that every year more and more artists take up the challenge. Drawing every day is good practice, but it's not always feasible. With Linktober, I am dedicated to seeing this through for the next 31 days, at the very least. Wish me luck!


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