Willi Meuller

illustrated by

James Art Ville


Willi Meuller was my wife's great grandfather. He and his family fled Germany as refugees during World War II, eventually settling in Canada where my wife calls home. My mother-in-law commissioned me to illustrate her grandfather in a realistic digital painting, a first for me back in 2007. 

It's amazing to look back and remember painting this without the use of a Wacom Tablet. Using Adobe Photoshop, this work of art was created using the good 'ol USB mouse with more clicks than I care to remember. It was exhausting, but my patience won out and it turned out quite accurate to the faded reference photo.

My wife and I are currently working on a new graphic novel, telling the story of Willi's young son, Harry, during the Great Prussian Offensive and their life on the run in war torn Europe. Too soon to give a release date, but it's in the works!

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