The Songstress

illustrated by

James Art Ville


I have illustrated this character before in the past. Her name is Dark Love, and the is also The Songstress. Her character was modeled after a family member of good friend of mine, Davien Watkins. It was originally a Christmas gift, if I remember correctly. But her design grew quite popular that people soon inquired about more. I was given the opportunity to re-design her and this is what we've got: The Songstress.

I couldn't have done this without Corel Painter Pro and my Wacom Bambo Tablet. These are my tools, and they allow me to paint such detailed backgrounds and apply colorful stokes on my digital canvas. Adobe Photoshop is nice, too, but The Songstress really came alive because of the airbrush tool in Corel. I highly recommend this piece of software.

The Songstress © Superheroine Enterprises

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