Sheikah Warrior

illustrated by

James Art Ville


Sheik is a fan favorite from the Legend of Zelda series. Her design is so awesome. She's pretty much a ninja set in a world of fantasy. Full of mystery and excellent in combat. She's definitely one of Nintendo's best characters.

When I started this piece, I illustrated the character first and loved it. Apparently so did others because I've had quite of few other artists color my Sheik lineart with permission. However, it was never my intention to color this one.

As a matter of matter of fact, the task was so daunting that I didn't get around to finishing it until an entire year later. Then one day I worked up enough gusto and I did it. Rarely do I draw this much detail in my lineart, but since this piece was going to be strictly black and white I really wanted to give it my best.

The Legend of Zelda © Nintendo

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