Female Green Arrow

illustrated by

James Art Ville


During 2017's Art Along the Rogue even in downtown Grants Pass, I created a piece of chalk art on the street. The theme for the year was "Let's Face It", and I decided to illustrate Shiloh Silveira as a female version of the DC Comics superhero, Green Arrow. I was hoping to convey a facial expression that suggests a bold attitude, like "I can face this!". 

This piece of chalk art took me a day and a half to complete, which was faster than it took me to finish DC's Legend of Tomorrow, my piece from the previous year. I was better prepared this year. It was a a good experience for me to step out of my digital comfort shoes and actually get my hands dirty. I feel good knowing that although the medium is vastly different, the technique for creating art is certainly applicable even while using dry pastel chalk.

Green Arrow © DC Comics

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