Photo Manipulation using Adobe Photoshop

Photo Manipulation using Adobe Photoshop

Art can be created in a variety of different ways. Traditional artists use pencils, charcoal, and paint. I use my Wacom pen tablet and Clip Paint Studio Pro. During my years of practice as a self-taught artist, I have extensively use Adobe Photoshop when creating art.

I don't use it much anymore when it comes to my illustrations, but I depend on the premium software when working on my graphic design. Recently, however, I have been inspired to launch Adobe Photoshop for a different purpose: photo manipulation.

Photo Manipulation

Photo manipulation can mean a variety of things, including photo restoration, touch ups, glamour shots, and of course, the creation of artwork. Many professionals, such as Rafy A, use it to create fantastical images by placing together 3 or more separate stock photos to create something new and amazing. This is commonly done when designing book covers, as well. 

Shiloh Silveira Arrow Cosplay

Photo Manipulation can turn an everyday housewife into a night time vigilante.

Shiloh Silveira commissioned me to use photo manipulation and turn her into a heroic vigilante, akin to the Green Arrow from DC Comics. She did her best to dress the part, but clearly the colors and background were in need of alteration to make her hero costume believable. Using stock images for the city, bow, and quiver, I was able to turn her into the hero she already is on the inside.

This is a bit of a deviation for me as I prefer to draw my subjects rather than use photos. As a matter of fact, I may use one of her photos as a reference and illustrate this character in my own style. I just love the costume! I was able to produce a second version of her hero character, this time with the hood down. That smirk on her face says it all. You don't want to mess with her!

Shiloh Silviera Arrow Cosplay

I couldn't resist making a second image. Shiloh makes for such a great Arrow cosplay.

This isn't the first time I've used Adobe Photoshop to photo manipulate images and turn them into something fantastic. For example, I have manipulated myself to become a Super Saiyan, Solid Snake, and Captain Falcon. I have also turned Shiloh into Meryl from Metal Gear Solid, a Na'vi from Avatar, and a princess. I am sure I will continue to dabble in photo manipulation from time to time, in between my usual digital illustrations.

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