Epic Commission from Elizabeth Hornberger

Epic Commission from Elizabeth Hornberger

Recently I was contacted by someone regarding an illustration commission. Elizabeth Hornberger was browsing through my DeviantArt page and she saw that I was open for commissions. She was a fan of my artwork, specifically the way I illustrated the Raising Dragons Graphic Novel. She asked if I would draw her characters and I agreed.

Elizabeth Hornberger is an aspiring writer and she is currently working on a fantasy series, a trilogy featuring two protagonists who have feathered wings on their back. These warriors wield might swords that glow with light. Their names are Aleron and Maria. In this scene the two are in a climactic battle against the antagonist, Lucius. The villain has a human form, but in this final battle he has taken the form of a multi-headed dragon, like a mythical hydra. Darkness is consuming the mountainside and Aleron and Maria are the only hope for victory.


Miss Hornberger is also a fantastic artist as well. Her drawings of Maria and Aleron helped me to render them with accuracy. To see examples of her fantastical artwork, browse through her DeviantArt gallery. I really enjoyed illustrating this piece. I love drawing dragons and fantastical characters. It was right up my alley! I was happy to know that Elizabeth enjoyed the finished illustration very much. It's always an honor to know that an artist's work is appreciated. 

Currently, I have other commissions that I am working on. However, when I am open for commissions again in the future, I will always announce it at the top of my website. Keep an eye out when I become available again if you are interested in having me illustrate for you.

Team-up Against Lucius

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