Beelzebed Sale | 5 Reasons to Buy Now!

Beelzebed Sale | 5 Reasons to Buy Now!

Beelzebed is a children's story featuring Walter Foley from the Dragons in our Midst book series by Fantasy author, Bryan Davis. The book is a bedtime story in which Walter battles with bed time itself. It's a very cleaver and silly story that kids and adults will enjoy. It makes a great book to add to your child's collection.

But it is worth it? YES! If you act soon, then it will be worth so much more! Here's 5 reasons why:

#1: Free Original Pencil Drawing

This 64 page book consists of 32 double page illustrations. I am giving away one drawing for each book that is sold until I run out of original pencil drawings. These are the actual paper and pencil drawings I used to draw the book. Once they're gone, that's it.

Original Beelzebed Pencil Drawing

Included one (1) free pencil drawing from among the book's pages.

#2: Free Sketch Request in Back of Book

Every book purchase also entitles the buyer to a free sketch request. It can be anything from one of Bryan Davis' fantasy characters, to fan art, or even your original characters. These drawings are drawn in pencil first, and then inked over with solid black ink. That will turn the book into a something of novelty. Every one will be unique and dedicated just for you!

My only disclaimer about drawing requests is that they must be made at a PG level. This is a children's book, after all. Keep the request clean, and I will honor it. Check out some of the drawings I have already made for previous customers:

Free Drawing Request

I will draw something just for you!

#3: Free Shipping

Every order for Beelzebed is entitled to free shipping. This is only available for the US. Sorry, no free international shipping. I use USPS Media Mail to ship all orders. You can't beat that!

Free Shipping for Beelzebed

Shipping is provided via USPS Media Mail.

#4: 60% MRSP. That's only $5!

The Manufacture Recommend Sale Price for Beelzebed is $12.99. But during this sale, it's only $5! Let me remind you this is a 64+ page full color hardcover book. It's an amazing deal and with the free shipping, it really is only $5. You won't find a better deal for Beelzebed anywhere else.

But hurry, sale ends on July 1st, 2014.

60% Off MSRP

$5 < $12.99

#5: Automatically Entered in Sweepstakes

Every order is automatically entered into a sweepstakes. The winner of the random drawing is the winner of a full color commission from myself. That's a prize worth $200. If you have an original fictional character, scene from a favorite story, photo of a loved one, or something new and unique that you want to see illustrated professionally, here's a chance for that to happen at no extra cost.

Let me tell you right up front, the chances of being the winner are astronomically higher when compared to winning the lottery. For $5, it's not a bad gamble now is it?

Free Commission from James Art Ville

There are so many freebies to this sale, it's crazy. Here's a list to refresh your memory:

  1. Free Original Pencil Drawing
  2. Free Drawing Request Inside the Book
  3. Free Shipping
  4. 60% MSRP (not free, but only $5)
  5. Free Entry in Sweepstakes

If you have Bryan Davis books, this would be a great addition to your collection. If you have children or know someone who does, this would make a great gift! Feeling charitable? It would be honorable to purchase a few copies to give to your local library, school, or church.

In order to snag all of these cool offers, the only thing that is required is to purchase a copy of the book, Beelzebed, right here on my website. Either follow the link, or click on the Books Tab in the navigation on top. Hurry, the sale ends on July 1st, 2014.

Please, share with your friends and family. The more the merrier! :)

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