Raising Dragons Graphic Novel | Update 5

Hello everyone.

    It's been exactly one month now sine the goal for this project was met. The first two weeks were dedicated to the charging and transferring of the funds from backers to me and the last two weeks were dedicated to purchasing all of the equipment that I need. Thanks to you and everybody else who pledged for this graphic novel, I have now entered the second phase of this project... the pencil drawing phase.

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Zebra .5 Mechanical Pencils
Zebra M-301 .5 lead Mechanical Pencils
    Here's a list of the equipment that I purchased for this project:
  • Epson WF-7510 printer/scanner/fax machine
  • Zebra M-301 .5 lead mechanical pencils
  • Extra .5 lead refill containers
  • New white rubber eraser
  • Blue Lineart drawing boards 11" x 17"
Epson WF-7510 Printer/Scanner
Epson WF-7510 Printer/Scanner
    In addition to the new equipment, I will also be using some of my own stuff that I've had for a while. Since this other equipment will be used for this project, I will list it for your information:
  • Dell Studio 540 Desktop Computer with Windows Vista 64-Bit
  • WACOM Bambo Fun Tablet
  • Manga Studio 4 EX
  • Adobe Creative Suite CS 5.5
  • Camelbak eddy 750ml water bottle
Wooden Pose Drawing Figure
Wooden Pose Drawing Figure
    For those of you who pledged $20 or more will receive access to the first 25 pages, in finished color, by the end of this Summer. That's about...2 months from now. And then, next Summer, the entire book will be finished.

Blue Lineart Comic Book Drawing Paper
Blue Lineart Comic Book Drawing Paper
James Art Ville illustrating Rasiing Dragons
Da - Da- Dummm...
    It's been difficult for me to keep you posted thus far because of how busy I've been. I will update you more frequently once I get 100% settled into this long term project (soon, I promise). I plan to post more sneak peaks as I finish more pages, and highlight the process of my comic book making in more detail.

    If any of you would like to see a in-depth look at a specific step of my process, which one would you like to see? Drawing in pencil? Coloring? Adapting the script from Bryan's novel? Character design?

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