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    I want to take this time to showcase another artist. I've showcased other talented ladies before, like the others this next artist has a lot of passion in drawing. Her avatar is Iceglow Activatr. She shared with me that her last count was a total of 565 free hand drawings.

    I don't know about you, but that's impressive. To see her work, hit the jump:

ICEGLOW ACTIVATR | Drawings in Pencil

Fierce Dragon
    Iceglow is also a fan of Fantasy author, Bryan Davis. She's been quite engaging on my Facebook Page. She was very open and willing to show me her work. I was impressed with what I saw. She's been drawing for 10 years and she loves animals.

    Animals are fascinating subjects of art. I love how others can give so much personality to animals, making them so full of life and stories. That's an area that I still have much to learn about.
Happy Hippo

Straight from the Artist:

"My name is Jessie and I'm 23 years old. I love animals of all kinds big and small. I have been drawing since the age of 13 and it is one of my passions & I can't imagine my life without It. It's a part of me, a way to express myself. Drawing helps calm me and just takes me away to a totally different world where I feel I am free to be myself. my favorite things to draw are cartoons. i love how you can be so different when drawing a cartoon because there is no wrong way to draw one also I love photography, snapping pictures of babies and animals is what I like best "
Invader Zim
Panic from Disney's Hercules
    Jessie (Iceglow) is a traditional artist. From what I've seen, she draws mostly in pencil, with the occasional work in pen and ink, or even in color via colored pencils. Like me, Jessie utilizes sketchbooks for her drawings. I find they're an easy to organize, no-mess, alternative to loose leaf papers in a binder or folder.
    She has a dream to become an animator someday. Some of the subjects of her artwork feature characters of animated Disney films. Disney is definitely the leader of American animation, and they have quite a number of wonderful movies that I love.

    With her dedication and ability to draw so many pieces, I believe that Jessie has what it takes to animate. It's been something that I've considered in the past, but my real passion rests with comics and graphic novels.
The Grinch

There's a lot More Where That Came From

    I've only shown just a small handful of drawings that Jessie has shown me. She has an account on Tumblr where she posts more of her art, as well as other thoughts and interesting posts. If you also have a Tumblr, I recommend you follow her work :)
Appa from Avatar: the Last Airbender
    Jessie (Iceglow Activatr) reminds me of myself during my high school career. I use to fill up 2 or 3 sketchbooks of drawings every year. Although I did draw original work, I also had my fair share of fan art. If there was a series that I enjoyed, chances are I would draw something featuring a character or two from it.

    In some ways, fan art is an act of honor towards to series. As long as the work isn't sold without proper license or permission, then I believe it's very good for fans to be able to showcase their admiration with fan art. If my own stories were subject to fan art, it would make me happy to see it.

    I strongly believe if she keeps at this pace, she will achieve her dream of becoming an animator. With every new drawing, confidence will grow and technique will be improved. I wish the best of luck to her and her work.

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