Stony's Revenge | A Kickstarter Project

Stony’s Revenge combines addictive gameplay, humor, and galactic-wide destruction all into one satisfying experience!
    I had the honor of illustrating a 5 page comic to serve as the prologue of this new and upcoming game. To see these comic pages and learn how to become a part of this cool project, click the jump!


    As you can see from watching the video from the Stony's Revenge Kickstarter project page, this new game is like a combination of asteriods and pin-ball, mixed in with power ups and humor.

    The comic included throughout this page gives you a glimpse at the beginning of the story for this game.  What began as an accident quickly escalates into a galactic-wide grudge match between a quirky admiral and a devious space creature named Stony.   
Stony's Revenge Prologue Page 1
Stony's Revenge Prologue Page 2
Stony's Revenge Prologue Page 3
Stony's Revenge Prologue Page 4
Stony's Revenge Prologue Page 5
    What did you think? To be honest, this is the first time I've ever illustrated a sci-fi comic. Next up, a Star Wars fan comic! Just kidding...

    As you can tell, the story is comical and the fun. If this project is fully funded, the creators are interested in expanding this story into a full graphic novel. I cross my fingers that they would consider me again.

    Their goal is to raise $10,000! This may seem like a lot to ask for, but the nice thing about Kickstarter is that anybody can pledge, even as little as $2! So, altogether, we can make the difference and be a part of the making of Stony's Revenge.

    I wish them the best of luck. They have until Saturday, May 4th to raise their minimum amount of funding. Because I had a part of this project, I ask that you please take a look for yourself and consider pledging for this project.

I would appreciate it very much :)

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