Raising Dragons Graphic Novel | Update 3

2013 came and already it's been going by in a blur. I'm sure before I know it summer of 2014 is going to be here, and the Raising Dragons Graphic Novel will be finished. I am looking forward to that. I am just as anxious to pick up a copy and read it as any other fan of the story.

    To those who are interested in the development of book, I'll give you a sneak peak of my latest efforts:

Raising Dragons Graphic Novel Page Thumbnails
Pages 1-4 (Thumbnail Version)
    I have been steadily working on the thumbnail sketches that reflect what each page will look like.

    A graphic novel is sequential art. The story is told through panels, or 'windows', with a scene and they are accompanied by word bubbles with text. The panels are arranged sequentially and read from top-left to bottom-right (like a book). 

    These pencil sketch thumbnails are the foundation from which I will reference from when I draw the full size pages. I expect to be starting this process soon.
    In the meantime, I will like to share some exclusive insight on the design of the Mighty Clefspeare. For those who are unfamiliar with the story, he's a dragon. Raising Dragons is a fantasy story, with knights, maidens, and you guessed it, dragons!
Clefspeare Design Idea
    Clefspeare is one of the primary characters of the story. His design is pretty iconic in the eyes of fans and everyone has an image of what he looks like in their own minds. As an artist, it's hard for me to please everybody. No two fans imagine the same thing. But the most important thing for me is to make sure he matches the original description in the book.
Another Clefspeare Idea
    According to the book, Clefspeare is a red dragon. Everything else was trial and error. This character design took me the longest to finalize. It was necessary and I hope that the end result is satisfactory to both the author and fans alike.
Clefspeare Final Design
Final Clefspeare Design
    Clefspeare is not the only dragon in the series. But I'm not going to spoil anything beyond that. There are still more character designs that need to be finalized and I am looking forward to drawing Merlin and King Arthur next.

Look for another update in the near future!

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