Blast From the Past | Revisiting Christmas

This is December 25th, 2012. I want to say THANK YOU to everyone for reading the thoughts on my blog and for viewing my illustrations.Merry Christmas to you on this fine day!

    I want to celebrate today by showcasing my early work that was Christmas themed. Because this is another entry in my Blast from the Past series, the following illustrations are very rough and overall low in quality. But hey, I was young and a novice. We all had to start somewhere :)

Now, I hope you enjoy these Christmas themed illustrations:

    The first image features my flagship character, Starglider. I believe I still used Microsoft Paint, and maybe Arcsoft Paint Studio for this one, the days before Adobe Photoshop. I did not illustrate the background. I remember using a snow scene from a battle background image from the RM2K software. You can tell it was stretched vertically.
Starglider Christmas
Starglider with a Santa Hat ~ 2002
    The next one is a simple image of Mary holding Baby Jesus. I was in a hurry, and I didn't bother with a background or anything. I used the polygon lasso tool for all of the shadows, and you can tell I was in a hurry because the curves aren't very smooth, but jagged. I believe I dedicated this one to my high school youth group at church.
Mary Holding Baby Jesus
Mary and Baby Jesus ~ 2003
    While visiting family in Mexico, I came across a statue of Mary and Joseph holding Baby Jesus. This image was inspired by the decorative piece. My old JUMS signature sticks out like a sore thumb. >_<
Nativity Scene ~ 2005
    This illustration was dedicated to my wife to be, Shiloh. Starglider is holding Shiloh's character, named Mococo. I never did color it, but I believe I did that because of printing issues. Black and white is much less expensive to print than color.
Starglider and Mococo
Starglider and Mococo ~ 2007
    Although this isn't Christmas themed exactly, it is a winter illustration. I featured Shiloh's Winter before in another Blast from the Past post. This is one of those pieces that I would like to draw again.
Shiloh's Winter
Shiloh's Winter ~ 2007
    My wife, Shiloh, was the one who drew this next piece. It was a nice surprise, and I had a good time coloring it for her. It was 2007 that I really started coloring lineart and adding highlights on the lines themselves, and not just the color area. But I skimped out on the background again. It's simply an Adobe Photoshop cutout filter on a photo of a Christmas tree. Tsk Tsk
Christmas Couple
Christmas Couple ~ 2007
    Shiloh and I both drew this one. This was one of the first illustrations that I starting using Corel Painter Essentials Pro. It's funny now, 4 years after drawing and coloring this that my own wife is now pregnant with our third child on Christmas Day. Her due date is the 26th. Anytime now...
Christmas Child
Christmas Child ~ 2008
    I'm beginning to see a trend here. This last illustration was drawn by Shiloh, too. She drew this image for me as a gift. Christmas 2008, Shiloh was 5 months pregnant with our first child. This made a very special Christmas Card that we gave to our friends and family.
Ville Christmas Card
Ville Family Christmas Card ~ 2008

    Thank you for viewing my old illustrations. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Be safe and see you next year!

A BLAST FROM THE PAST is a series following my growth and development as a digital illustrator. The featured works are not by any means my best, but an example of progression and new learned styles. We are all fond of the amazing work we see from our favorite artists. It's refreshing to know that they weren't always so skilled, nor are all of their works considered "masterpieces". I hope by sharing my early work, I can encourage fellow artists to persevere and work hard to develop their professional styles.

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