Yes! There WILL be Dragons in Our Midst

One year ago, almost to the day, I originally posted the question: Will there be Dragons in Our Midst? If you read the original story, my encounter with Fantasy author, Bryan Davis, was a moment that literally changed my life. For the better.

    I presented him with a gift, and we spoke about the possibility of a graphic novel adaptation for his story. He really liked my artwork, and my wife and I are huge fans of his stories. I even illustrated some sample pages as part of my proposal. Now, one year later, it all comes together...

    Bryan contacted me and asked me if I was still interested in drawingRaising Dragons, the first book he wrote. I didn't have to think twice about that answer. I enjoyed drawing Dragons in Our Midst fanart so much, how could I turn down the opportunity to illustrate an entire story featuring his amazing cast of characters? Plus, I get to draw dragons! The boy in me who loves adventure jumped for joy.

Raising Dragons Graphic Novel Concept Art

    To be honest, I feel very honored for this opportunity. It will really be my first published work, and a giant leap in the direction I feel is God calling me to walk in. Raising Dragons is a great story, and I hope I can do it justice. I know there's already a large fan base and I will do my best to draw true to the story and characters.

    Illustrating the entire graphic novel is going to be a lot of work. Consider all of my other pieces of artwork as second priority. I will post updates on my progress and some behind the scenes information as I go along. But do not expect the entire book to be ready until 2014.

    For some of you that may be a long wait, but please consider that I will be the only artist involved and I still hold down a job as a graphic designer for

    There are many stages in the development of producing a graphic novel. Currently the script is being finalized and I am still working on the concept art. I hope you enjoy what you see, understanding that these sketches do not necessarily reflect the final character designs.

Now, time for me to get back to work. Wish me luck.

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