Tribute to Bryan Davis | Part 3

It is finished!! Woo hoo! Wow, did we underestimate the time and complexity of this project. A reminder to ourselves for future projects, don’t draw bookshelves with tons of detail! It is so tedious to color… but I have to admit it looks pretty good.

    So in case you don’t know what this illustration is all about, I’ll give you a quick reminder. This is part 3 of our tribute to my favorite author, Bryan Davis. The first post talked about why we came up with this idea and showed the pencil sketch. Part 2 talked a bit about Bryan Davis and his career, and of course we revealed the lineart, AND now you see the final thing!

The digital painting!
Bryan Davis Tribute
This Illustration is dedicated to Bryan Davis.
    I mentioned last time that I had no idea what to write about… and I still don’t! James and I have been working so hard on a project in our spare time that our brains are fried. For now, you are spared from having to listen to me ramble. YES! So, simply enjoy the very very cool illustration of Bryan and his dragons, by James Art Ville.

What are you waiting for? Go get one of Bryan's books and witness a battle between good and evil that you'll never forget!

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