Tribute to Bryan Davis | Part 2

My husband decided that I should write Part Two of the Bryan Davis Tribute. He said it was to “keep the theme” but I’m pretty sure it’s because he’s being lazy. :P I don’t blame him. It’s enough work to create an illustration let alone think of an entire piece to write about it. Especially when rambling does not come easy to him as it does to me. ;)

    Honestly though, I have already gone on about how cool of an idea it is for James to illustrate Bryan at his desk, with the story he writes on his laptop coming alive through his imagination above him. (Eventually there will be clouds and swirls of colors around the dragons to show that they are not just floating there but almost dreamlike). And I have already explained that we are doing this piece because Bryan is someone we both respect as well as my favorite author. So what else should I say?

    Well, I know there are at least a few of you reading who aren’t familiar with Bryan and his books other than the fact that I keep mentioning him. So Part 2 will acquaint you with him better. So please, enjoy!

Davis Crossing
    Unlike myself, Bryan Davis did not always dream of being a writer. For much of his life he was a computer professional. He began writing as a means to teach his seven kids how to create stories. Since Bryan and his wife Susie home-schooled their children they wanted to create a fun, hands-on way to teach writing. One of the stories they worked on was based on Bryan’s dream about a boy who could breathe fire. This project would eventually turn into Raising Dragons, the first of a series of fantasy books that fans absolutely love.
    Most writers cringe at rejection. Some even quit trying after a harsh word about their work. However, the true professionals persevere. Bryan Davis received TWO HUNDRED rejections before finally landing a contract.

Bryan Davis Holding His Manuscript Rejections
Bryan Davis Showing His Rejections

    When I met him over a year ago and excitedly showed him my manuscript, Bryan calmly took a look at my work, pulled out a pen and began editing the pages I had shown him. I am familiar with having my work critiqued but sometimes a hint of nervousness creeps into my expression. Bryan saw this and brought out his giant stack of two hundred rejections. He reminds his fans and friends that are aspiring writers to persevere even when rejected (and to always work at improving their writing skills!)

Bryan Davis Books
Stacks of Bryan's Books
     Bryan signed on with AMG publishers and has been their top writer ever since. His books have sold more than a million copies and have been distributed to several different countries as well as being translated into other languages.  Not to mention his books have won different awards such as the Clives Staples Award. Most exciting to the fans, however, is that Bryan’s first book,<em "mso-bidi-font-style:="" normal"="">Raising Dragons is currently being considered for a movie! This has had the fans speculating for more than a year. You can keep up to date with the progress on the fans facebook page: Bringing Dragons In Our Midst to the Big Screen.  There is also talk of a potential graphic novel, which my dear husband has beenauditioning, so to say, to do the illustrations. Nothing has been confirmed on this, yet.

    If you want to know more about Bryan, check out his website, Davis Crossing! Or if you want to speak to him personally, leave a message on his Facebook page. He is one of the few more well-known authors who actually manage their own Facebook and respond to each fan’s comments. This is something that his fan’s very much appreciate and hope that he will always have time for such personal connections.

    Now that you have gotten know a little more about Bryan Davis, wait patiently or impatiently for A Tribute to Bryan Davis: Part 3. The digitally painted masterpiece on which I have no idea what I will talk about! XD

Bibliography:  All facts from this article were found from Bryan Davis’s website, hearing him speak or the most recent article about him written by Family Fiction Edge. All photos were borrowed from Bryan Davis’s Facebook author page.

Tribute Bryan Davis Lineart
The Digital Lineart.
Dragon James Art Ville
Detail of the first Dragon.
Dragon James Art Ville
Detail of the Second Dragon
Amanda Davis James Art Ville
Close Up of the Amanda Davis Cameo.

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