Tribute to Bryan Davis | Part 1

I have always wanted to write an article about Bryan Davis, and now I have an excuse to do so! You see, I’ve had this image in my mind for a couple of months and I have been harassing my husband to illustrate it. I imagined Bryan sitting at his desk, typing away on his laptop, and above him there would be dragons from his books (Dragons in Our Midst, Oracles of Fire, Starlighter, etc.). Hearing my idea, my husband would nod and smile, saying, “That sounds cool.” The picture however would simply be another idea on a giant 'to do' list. 
    This week the idea came up again. James was tempted, but I could tell he was hesitant because of the enormity of the project. Initially I imagined there to be multiple dragons and characters from Bryan’s books, but realistically this made the project too large. This would also require us to research which scenes to choose and what the characters would look like. This would take a LONG time. 

    Yes, it would have been awesome, but we’ll have to save that idea for another day.  For now we agreed to simplify things by drawing only two dragons and having them fighting.  Which two dragons are they? We’ll let the fans decide. Really the picture is not supposed to be about accurate details but about Bryan and his stories coming to life through imagination.
    Why illustrate Bryan and his Dragons? The first reason is that he is my favorite author. The second is that his stories are amazing! And thirdly, I know there are many other people on Facebook who are looking for good fan art for his series. What cooler idea could you have than to add Bryan in the fan art picture? As for my husband, he is definitely a fan and admires Bryan’s character and integrity, but he also just wanted to make me smile. He hopes that this picture makes Bryan smile too. :D
    About the details of this picture… Is this really Bryan’s office? Nope. We have no idea what that looks like. James just made up the details, which is part of the fun of being an artist. Should Bryan have cool swords like that on his wall? Absolutely. We’ll pretend that one of them is Excalibur. Also, if you haven’t noticed, this is a double author illustration. There is a tiny Amanda Davis in a photo on his fake desk.
Bryan Davis Tribute Pencils
Part 1: The Pencil Drawing
    So, if you are a Bryan Davis fan and like the picture, let my husband know! Encouragement is a great motivator for him to finish quickly. ;)

    Lastly, the illustration is in its early draft. There will be three stages: pencil, inks and finally the hardest of the three…digitally painting. So expect the same awesome quality that James shows on pictures likeZero Suit Samus and Royal Couple of the Mushroom Kingdom.  If you find yourself impatient for the picture to be finished, I recommend picking up a book and reading to make the time pass by. Might I suggest you begin with Raising Dragons.

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