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“Art is a passion, I never draw something unless I have a feel for it. Sometimes the pictures may not turn out the greatest, but to me they will always be beautiful because they reflect an inner part of me.” 

                                                                                    ~Chelsea LaPan

    Today I am featuring a fellow artist and Shiloh's friend, Chelsea LaPan. Like myself, Chelsea is in her early twenties and has been illustrating since she was young. Her tools of the trade include: colored pencils, pen & ink, paint, and sometimes Paint.net for her digital pieces.

Chelsea makes a lot of fantasy art. My favorite would be her illustration called Unicorn.  The detail is incredible and the shading is very impressive! I can tell by the confidence in her stroke and the variety of tones she uses that she has a steady hand and knowledge as good as any studied artist.

Take is from me, drawing animals is not easy. I admire her ability to do so. There's a lot that I could learn from such an amazing piece as this.
Another piece that must be mentioned is the Taleisin. I love the expression on his face and the creases in his skin. The tiny lines in this illustration definitely create a mood of intensity and a feeling that the subject is very formidable. His expression makes this piece come alive.
She has a host of other fantasy illustrations that are worth noting. It is clear that Chelsea has a creative imagination, though some of the art that I like best would have to be her more realistic graphite drawings.

She drew a few of the characters from the TV show Bonanza. To the left is Adam Cartwright.  In her description of the drawing Chelsea says, “This is Adam Cartwright, the eldest son. Handsome fellow with a level head and the most 'book learning' out of the three boys. He is my absolute favorite, of course.”

Another drawing that stood out to me was her 1920’s flapper. She puts a lot of detail in the eyes and I like the headpiece. Her skin looks so soft and the hair makes a great contrast because it is so dark.

If I attempted to draw something like this, there would be smudge marks everywhere...I'm just saying...

As a fellow artist, I can appreciate the work and effort she puts into her pieces. I can understand what she means when she says that her work carries a little part of herself. Keep it up Chelsea, you're doing a fine job!

All artists share at least one thing in common: gaining an audience for your work and making a living from it. If you like Chelsea’s style and wish to get in touch with her to see more of her work or commission her, send her a message at chepanart@live.com.

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