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My wife, Shiloh, and I are very lucky. We are fortunate enough to have great friends. Not just good friends, but great friends. The kind you can depend on when times get tough. I hope you have someone like that in your life. Alisha has already been mentioned earlier as a very talented lady. But when her husband's birthday came up, guess what I decieded to give them as a gift...

This isn't really considered fanart, but they're sure not original characters. Well, yes they are. They're God's original characters. So, I guess it is fanart after all.

Fear Couple Lineart
Alisha Fear is the artist for Funny Fuzzies Art. Her husband works with me at Our families share the same values and goals. Our kids play together every week. We attend the same church, and we all enjoy the Avatar:The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra cartoon series on Nickelodeon.

Just like the popular Avatar show, my style of art tends to combine the American comic book with the Japanese Manga, and I was pleased that they both turned out pretty accurate to their real life counterparts. Everyone we know recognized them without any difficulty.

Fear Couple
This time around I did something new. I tend go back and forth from coloring lineart to leaving it black. But this time, I did both. For any single body of color (such as hair, or shirt) I kept the outward lines black, but anything within the borders I colored slightly. it's amazing what a little color to the lines can do to soften the image.

Also, any part of the image away from the center received a low opacity fade into the white background. Again, this softens the image and sets the focus in the middle. This is a technique I recommend for artists who frequently use white backgrounds for their characters.

The Fear Couple were happy to receive their gift, and they even have a printed copy hanging in their home. Good friends are hard to come by, and we thank God everyday for being so lucky.

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