James Art Ville Featured on Zelda Informer

This may be old news, but I can't believe I never posted about it. On March 22nd, 2012 I was featured on The Talent of Zelda Informer! This totally made my day, and even now I am still so happy to have my work on their blog. You should really check them out if you're a Zelda fan like I am.

Chosen Hero by James Art Ville
The featured illustration was myChosen Hero. I don't mind, it's one of my favorites. Hmm, makes me think it's been too long since I made another Zelda fanart. But, that's for another day.

The writer of the article, Nathanial Rumphol-Jan, was very kind in his presentation of my work. The following is an excerpt of his post:
"Ville is a graphic designer and artist who has submitted a beautiful selection of artwork for my collection. I thought him and his work were more than deserving to be featured on the main page, so be sure to hop inside to check out a beautifully detailed Sheik, the Chosen Hero of the Zelda series, a romantic kiss between one of the Legend of Zelda’s favorite couples, as well as a wonderful Samus portrait that absorbed me."
source - Zelda Informer

Nathanial particularly liked my Metroid piece, Samus - Identity. He also posted another one of my pieces, Sheikah Warrior, on his tumblr. He is open to featuring more Zelda related fanart, so if you're an artist or know of any, give him a referral. Zelda Informer is all about community, and that includes artists and even musicians. Cheers for Zelda fans!
Samus Aran Metroid by James Art Ville

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