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Sorry for the delay in my updates. There has been a lot happening in my personal life, both good and bad. I am now a happy home owner, and we're expecting again! Our third child is due December of this year. But we've also had some losses recently as well.

But this post is about Dark Love. She is a character born out of a collaboration between myself and Davien Watkins, founder of Superhero Enterprises.

Let me start with posting the inks (or Lineart, as I call it). Dark Love's design has been updated. She no longer has a cape, like before. She is more Gothic this time around, and less like she came from Asgard. Her superpowers involve emotions and love somehow, but the real details are still in development.
Ah, the crisp clean LINEART
I really wanted the entire image to have a mood to it. This is more than just a stand alone character with a backdrop. The scenery plays a big role in final image. See below ↓
It's safe to say, the coloring process is the most intense part of the process. In retrospect, the actual drawing part of my illustrations are quite simple and quick to do. I thought about only doing linearts for a while, but I really believe that color brings life to images. Probably because the real world in is color, so we accept it as reality easier than we do black and white images. For more information about comics and colors, check out Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics.

And that's another one to add to the gallery. There is more to come very soon. I have a very special project announcement in the works. I just know you're going to love it.

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