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Earlier in the year, I was informed by a friend that somebody was experiencing some very serious health issues. I'm not a doctor, so I couldn't really understand the condition or offer any advice. But I was informed that they were a fan of Bryan Davis, a wonderful Christian Fantasy Storyteller. He's most well known for writing the acclaimedDragons in Our Midst series.

So I thought I would give that person a gift. And if you know me, that usually means I will draw them something. God's gift to me becomesmy gift to others. As I mentioned before, they are a fan of Mr. Davis. Their favorite character in his fictional series is Sapphira Adi.
"The Bones of Makaidos"
Sapphira actually first appeared in the Oracles of Fire series, a sequel to the Dragons in Our Midst. Without giving away much of the plot, I'm only gong to let you know that she does not age. Her appearance is always young, even if she's much older.

She appears on two covers from the Oracles of Fire series. The first is Enoch's Ghost, and the second is The Bones of Makaidos. The image to the left is the from the later. I really like the design of her attire on this cover, which is why I chose to draw her wearing it.

Her hair is suppose to be a brilliant white, while having deep blue eyes. I tried to capture that in my render of her character. 
This isn't my first fan art of Bryan Davis' characters. Previously I have illustrated a sample cover for the Dragon's in Our Midst Graphic Novel, as well as a piece of Bonnie and Billy as a gift to my wife. And without further ado, I present my illustration of the lovely Sapphira Adi.
My fan art of Sapphira Adi, a special gift to a friend.
The gift was well received. The recipient was deeply moved and even shed tears when she saw the illustration. I'm happy to know that she appreciated the gift. As a bonus, even the copyright owner of the character, Bryan Davis himself, was pleased with the image.

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