Royal Couple of Mushroom Kingdom

Back in my high school days, I spent most of my weekends Super Smashing with a small group of friends. One of them, Edgar Corona, would usually play as Mario and he is still one of the most skilled players I know. Today, I am dedicating this picture to Edgar Corona and his wife to be, Gabby Staten. May your marriage be filled with many happy moments and hopefully some Smash Bros every now and than. And may Gabby never grow tired of the many video game references. Shiloh and I still think you should have Mario and Peach on top of your cake.
This was Shiloh's Idea for the scene.
This piece took me a good long time, during the weekends for over 2 months. Ever since I painted Jesus, depicting His Baptism, I wanted to do another piece that was equally as majestic in quality. Truth be told, I still enjoy regular inks and cell shading. But that serves its purpose for sequential artwork. This is a one moment wonder. I hope the scene instills tranquility and romance.

I must say, backgrounds are new territory for me. I can draw Mario. I've been doing that for years. A mushroom forest was a pleasant surprise. At least I didn't paint any eyes and faces on them. That would be creepy. It may work for a video game, but I will never understand why in the mushroom kingdom, the hills, items, and objects are alive...with creepy black eyes...

I have many projects ahead of me. All of them are fairly large and important, so I won't be posting as often as I'd like. It's a shame, but at the same time, family and providing financially comes before leisure drawing. I anxiously await the day I can make a living with my art. :)

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