Hand of the MorningStar

Sorry for the delay in posting. I've had quite a few adventures early this year. Things are finally settling down and I've got lots of work ahead of me. Today is a special day ahem... It's my birthday! And I wanted to dedicate this post to a graphic novel series that I encourage you to read. It's called, The Hand of the Morningstar.
Z Graphic Novels publishes this Christian Superhero story, and they've done a great job. This story is well written, illustrated, and keeps you wanting to learn more. It's not your typical superhero story, that's for sure. My favorite character is Michael Tempe, also known as The Tempest. His rival is Titan, is the large, blonde, spandex-wearing superhuman.

The first 2 issues were illustrated by Mike Miller, who also worked on the graphic novel adaptations for Ted Deker's Circle Trilogy. However, new and emerging artist, Eric Ninaltowski, finishes the series with the remaining 6 volumes, the last of which will be available for purchase this Spring.
Above is my rendition of Titan vs. Michael Tempe. The series is grey-scale with screen tones, similar to most Japanese manga. I tried to emulate this look. Really, it's a first for me. I hope someday I will publish my own work and have it printed similarly. I really do enjoy the dot matrix when reading lengthy graphics novels as opposed to colored serial 48 page comic books.

As I mentioned before, I encourage you to check out this amazing series. They do a good job staying true to scripture, and giving glory to God. Don't miss the Hand of the Morningstar. Read it today!

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