Blast From the Past - Teen Titans

During high school, my friends nick-named me Jums. I took ownership of this name during my DeviantArt Membership days. I used it as my artist name. I'm not surprised if some of my old Jums artwork is still displayed somewhere in the vastness of the internet. Some of my favorite fanart was Teen Titans. I was a big fan when the show aired on Cartoon Network.
Robin was my favorite
  • Drawn and Inked on paper, scanned and cleaned up in Photoshop.
  • Flat colored applied on new layer.
  • Simple "cel shading" done via the polygon lasso tool to manual create shadow areas.
  • Color layer duplicated and filter applied: Gaussian Blur.
  • Blurred layer lowered Opacity to create "soft" look.
  • Very simple, really. great for that comics book/animated look.
I really tried to stay true to the style of the series. I felt, however, that there could have been more maturity in the series. I don't necessarily mean that darkness is always cooler. But my favorite episodes included those with Slade, and emotional struggles. As a teen, I enjoyed the themes this show had to offer, including: emphasis on friendship, awkward romance, and the fight against evil.
I loved the episodes featuring Slade
To this day, Slade still remains one of my all time favorite Super Villains. His comic-book counterpart, Slade Wilson, is cool too. But the cartoon design always struck me as more sinister and awesome. Plus, Ron Perlman totally nailed it with his fitting voice acting.

In my own drawings, there was a time when my designs used to strongly resemble characters that I already knew and loved. I'm sure most artists do this, without even realizing it. Now I try really hard to come up with new unique costumes. Trust me when I say sometimes it's hard to draw something that hasn't already been done before by someone else. Is there anything new under the sun?
One more for good measure

I don't normally feature more than one piece per post, but I have so much Teen Titans fanart, I couldn't help but share. I illustrated these in 2004-2005.

I have come a long way since then. Looking back at these, it makes me want to draw another Teen Titans piece. Maybe not, but I would love to draw from Young Justice.

But that's for another day.

A BLAST FROM THE PAST is a series following my growth and development as a digital illustrator. The featured works are not by any means my best, but an example of progression and new learned styles. We are all fond of the amazing work we see from our favorite artists. It's refreshing to know that they weren't always so skilled, nor are all of their works considered "masterpieces". I hope by sharing my early work, I can encourage fellow artists to persevere and work hard to develop their professional styles.

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