Golden Knight

I can not take full credit for the picture you are about to see. I first saw this digitally airbrushed painting when it was in its early stages. My wifehad spent four hours laying down the foundations. She had painted me in a knight’s armor because she said that this is how she wanted me to feel, like a hero. It was meant to be an anniversary gift, but she couldn’t wait to show me. 
That was several weeks ago. Shiloh asked me to help finish the picture, and I have been working on it ever since. With her blessing, I added cracks and shines to the armor, texture to the skin and many other details. I’m afraid to say, I may have gotten a little too carried away and the painting does not exactly resemble what she gave to me… sorry Shiloh, but she assures me that this has become one of her favorite illustrations.

As the days go by with work, bills and other responsibilities, I don’t exactly feel like a knight. Though, I do have a sword. I don’t think anybody would appreciate it if I ran around cutting down bad guys. Still, to know that my family views me as their hero, is more meaningful than I can say.
Photo Reference
I can't say that I look this good all of the time, but I must say I like the scar. Of course, I wouldn't look as tough if I had my glasses on, either. Nonetheless, this is probably the closest I will ever get to dressing up as a knight. This is the way I want my children to think of me.

The New Year is just around the corner, and I feel this is a great way to end my set of 2011 Illustrations. There's gong to be lots of good stuff to look forward to in 2012! And the year after...and the year after...

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