My wife and I have been thinking about gifts a lot lately. We have to buy some for our children, parents, brothers and sisters. However, we both believe the greatest gifts are not the ones we buy from the store but the ones we make. Which gave us the bright idea of this post.

What are my favorite gifts that I have made for people? I have a few. We'll start with the very first portrait that I did of my wife.


I met my wife in 2006. We were both still in high school. I was an usher at our church and I noticed a pretty girl sitting by herself at the end of a pew. Every Sunday she would sit there. Finally, I got the chance to talk to her at a fundraiser dinner. It wasn't long after that, that we started dating. And not much time passed before we were married.

I started the portrait in my high school art class. She still has the original ink drawing on paper somewhere. Since this piece, I have completed at least five more portraits of her.


Next is a gift I made for my father for his wedding. He wanted a visual representation of a musical composition he made for his wife, titled "Fly With Me". Though I was unable to attend the wedding  in Russia, I was very happy to know that this piece was displayed in the room where they held the reception.


The piece to the left was an anniversary present for my in-laws. Greg and Sherry Silveira were married near twenty five years ago on Shiloh's grandmother's lawn. I am told that it was a beautiful ceremony. My mother in-law was very please with the picture and kept it as her profile picture on Facebook for several months.


The picture on the right was also done for my in-laws. What can I say? They are big fans of Quigley Down Under. I remember being in a bit of a rush with this one. If I could do it again I would take more time. I am sure I could make it look even better.

Graphite work is really cool. Just because I don't post much of my pencil work doesn't mean that I don't support the traditional arts. :)


Black Ark, The Reaper Effect, was a poster done for one of my best friends. All the characters belong to Ryan Dunigan. While we were kids we would bounce story ideas off each other. I have read the script to his story and consider myself a fan. Creating a piece with characters I am familiar with was a fun process.

Well, those are just a few of my favorite gifts that I have given. The reactions from the recipients are what make the effort worth it. I hope you all give and receive gifts from the heart that you can appreciate for years to come. Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!

If you would like me to paint a portrait of one of your family members or ink some of your characters, send me a message and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can.

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