Baptism in the River Jordan

Baptism in the River Jordan

October 2010 was the year I participated in my first post-high school art show. It was held at Parkway Christian Center and I had under a month to prepare. I submitted two pieces. One I had already drawn and the other remained in my imagination. It was going to be a digital painting of Jesus emerging from the water at his baptism. I remember that most of the work was done the week before the show and I was beginning to feel nervous that I would not finish in time. My wife, however, encouraged me. After hours of painting everyday, I finished in time to have the picture printed, framed and displayed at the show.

Overall the show went well. Family came to support us and we made a few friends in the artist community. The only mishap was when someone accidentally knocked over my picture and the glass shattered. Oh well. The best thing about digital work is that you have unlimited copies.

Art Show

To this day Baptism at the River Jordan is one of my favorite pieces. It definitely took more time and effort than any other picture. Not to mention, the subject matter is very meaningful to me. Eventually, I plan to do another painting like this. A painting that pushes me to stretch my abilities beyond what I feel capable of.

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