Superhero Enterprises

It recently dawned on me that I have been working for Superhero Enterprises for almost five years. Where did the time go? I was originally approached by the head of the company, Davien Watkins, in 2006 to submit a few concept pieces. Lucky for me, Davien liked my stuff and requested more. Many character designs later, I found myself as an official part of the SuperHero Enterprises team.


What do I do for the team? Mostly, I create designs based on the ideas of the story’s creator, Mr. Watkins. I’ll get a message with a description of a character's purpose and sketches of possible designs and then I pump out a complete draft. The character may be tweaked a time or two and then sent on to the next artist for coloring.

The first character design I had involvement with was the character, Duplicate. Created in 2008, Duplicate is the arch nemesis of the hero, Notes. In light of media piracy, Duplicate represents the threat to the music industry. My projects after that have been have been designing the supporting cast. From the villains to Notes mentor, Genius, and finally the love interest of the series… Sorry, you’ll have to wait for her name and story to be revealed in the comic. ;)


I’m approaching a new year with Superhero Enterprises and the future looks promising. With further comics on the horizon and a potential video game, "the sky's the limit". So, if I have piqued your curiosity, check out Superhero Enterprises and read the first few pages of the comic. (Sorry, I did not illustrate this but I thoroughly enjoy it just the same and feel pride with the involvement that I have.)

Some of my work can be found here.


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