My Little Ellie Bean

I recently became inspired to draw a picture in a different style. I knew I wanted to illustrate a black and white image, with an accent color of blue or brown, of a girl with big innocent eyes. My first thought was to draw my wife. However, since most of my portraits are done of her (five so far), I figured this would be a good opportunity to draw the other girl in my life, Ellie Bean.


Ellie is our second child. She is fourteen months old and is about a year younger then our first child, Raphael. Although having two toddlers can be exhausting, we consider them a blessing (most of the time). There are only three things that impress Ellie Bean and they are horses, food and her Daddy. Don’t feel bad for my wife. She gets all of Raph’s adoration.

I have to admit, it always puts a smile on my face when I come home from work and Ellie is there to greet me, shouting “Daddy!”

Picture Ellie Bean by James Art Ville

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