Two Talented Ladies

I have exceptionally talented friends and family. I could list five friends who's works are on par with professional artists, two who would make excellent writers, and several others who would make great musicians/photographers/singers/etc. But what if talent is not enough? You can have all the talent in the world and still have nobody notice you.

I want to dedicate this post to a couple of friends who have a good start on their careers but could still use some support. They have shown their tenacity by honing their skill and getting their work out there. They have the talent. Now they need the support from all of us. In the end, talent will only take you so far.  So what do you say? Are you willing to re-post this note or link to their page to help spread the word about their skills?


Photographs by Danielle Silveira

Danielle Silveira is my sister-in-law. She’s also one of the most talented photographers I have ever met. Danielle is a homemaker in British Columbia, Canada. She and her husband are starting a windsheild repair business, while building their own home, and taking care of their two kids. All the while she is busy, she still sets aside time for her photography. Her work can be found on Fine Art America.


Artwork by Alisha Fear

Alisha Fearis a close friend and our neighbor. She is a wife, mother, and extremely talented artist. Her work has recently been printed and has been set up on display along the West Coast. Considering we bought four of her pieces to hang on our walls, it’s safe to say we are big fans. With a little support, we will no doubt see her work become extremely successful. I'm sure you will love her Funny Fuzzies as much as our family does.


I have many other friends whose names and skills are tempting me to write a longer post, but for now I will keep it simple. I will leave you with one more thought. If you have a skill, hone it. Create a website (Weebly is free). Research your field and get in contact with the necessary people. What ever you do… don’t wait around for success to find you! Pursue it tenaciously!

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