Portrait of Willi Mueller

Portrait of Willi Mueller

This is the first digital painting I ever did. When I look back, I’m a little amazed that it turned out so well, considering I did not have a tablet at that time. And this was before my Corel Painter Essential days. Yep, this picture was done with a mouse and Adobe Photoshop. I used the brush tool on low opacity and clicked and clicked and… you get the picture. It took a while, but I am very pleased with the outcome.

Willi Mueller was my wife’s great grandfather. I painted this picture at the request of her mother, who has it printed, framed and hung on her living room wall. I love it when one of my art pieces can be meaningful to someone else.

My wife and I are currently working on a new graphic novel, telling the story of Willi's young son, Harry, during the Great Prussian Offensive and their life on the run in war torn Europe. Too soon to give a release date, but it's in the works!

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