Will there be Dragons in our Midst?

Will there be Dragons in our Midst?

A month or two ago, my wife and I were fortunate enough to meet author, Bryan Davis and his daughter Amanda, while they were on tour. My wife is a fan of his and convinced me to illustrate a picture for him of a scene from one of his books. The scene, pg. 91 of Raising Dragons, features Bonnie Silver flying through the sky with Billy Bannister in her arms. On the day that Bryan arrived in our town, we were so eager to meet him and his daughter we actually beat them to the store!

Bryan and Amanda were incredibly kind. They talked with us for over an hour and even edited part of the prologue of my wife's book. As we talked, the subject of a Raising Dragons graphic novel came up. I offered my services and Bryan seemed interested. Since then I have submitted several sample sequential art pages of the story and his fans seem to like them. We are very grateful for the opportunity to meet Mr. Davis and his daughter. Even if nothing comes from this venture, we consider it a blessing to have been considered.

Raising Dragons Graphic Novel Mock Cover

Raising Dragons Graphic Novel Mock Cover.

I recently finished a graphic novel mock up of the cover. Tell me what you think of it. I highly recommend you look into Bryan Davis and his amazing work. Check out his blog to learn more. And Amanda's new book, Precisely Terminated, is also a hit!

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