A Familiar Face | The Thread that Ties My Illustrations Together

A Familiar Face | The Thread that Ties My Illustrations Together

They say that when authors write characters, many of their traits or personalities are sometimes loosely based on people the author knows in their life. While this may be intentional at times, I believe it can also be a subconscious doing. The reality is that in everything we create, authors and artists alike, we use our own lives as inspiration and it becomes a foundation for our work.

Recently a family member of mine mentioned how so many of the female portraits look like my wife. Aside from the fact that many of them are, they went on to say that even when I am drawing other women, they carry traits of my wife, Shiloh Ville. A hint of her jaw line, similar eyes, or her cute nose can all be found in my illustrations of most females.

You can make the argument that I illustrate the features that I find most attractive. Okay, I can buy that. What I find interesting is that these features can all be present, even when I illustrate using different methods. I have more than a dozen portraits of my wife, and not any two of them are quite alike when it comes to style. What can I say, I like to experiment a lot.

Shiloh Silveira

I illustrated this portrait of Shiloh Silveira in 2007. The first of many.

But regardless of style, it's clear the subject of many of my portraits is the same beautiful woman I married all those years ago. And to this day, all of my drawings reflect what I love about her appearance, even if it is subtle and under the surface.

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